Recent Events in the Parker household:

2007 Happenings

Beach Week at Virginia Beach

Trip to Scotland and England

2006 Happenings

Trip to NYC and The Phantom of the Opera

Mary and Sean's Wedding

Beowulf movie premier in NYC with the MAGTarts

Retrospective look at Eastbridge, Suffolk, UK  in 1978

Trip to England, October 2006 -- photos of London and Suffolk

2005 Happenings

Pop's 80th Birthday Weekend

Maggie on MTV

My New Car -- Highlander Hybrid

College coeds (Maggie and Beccy off to school)

Trip to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon

2004 Happenings

Beach 2004 - Nag's Head, NC

Pop's WWII photos

Maggie's Senior Sports Event

Thanksgiving 2004

2003 Happenings

Christmas 2003

New home in 2003

2002 Happenings

Check out our Christmas 2002 trip to New York City!


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